DAPPER DOG USA grooming & supplies

Specializing in Terriers - Especially Airedale Terriers !

Basic Grooming


( See Spa Packages  page for more information on this Special Service)



 Basic grooming includes: Bathing, drying, brushing, clipping, and styling, ear cleaning, & nail trimming.

Basic grooming prices vary by breed, size, coat condition, and dogs temperament.

Estimates given on examination of your pet. 

Most dogs groomed in two hours, and pets should be picked up when done.

Allow an extra half hour for Spa Treatments

We encourage visits to our grooming shop.  Please feel free to come in for a visit prior to scheduling your  first grooming appointment. 


 We groom dogs as humanely as possible.  Pets whose fur / hair is determined to be too tangled or matted will be given a short hair cut to spare him any discomfort.

All dogs groomed in view. Quiet, clean, smoke-free environment.  

No tranquilizers or drugs.        

(there is an additional charge for specialty shampoos/conditioners/ Spa treatments)





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