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Harper all the way from Franksville, WI

Another Airedale transformation .


The before photo on this Giant Schnauzer didn't turn out that great.
However, the after picture shows a very stunning dog!


Kacey sporting her summer cut.  No burrs on me!

Shih Tzu Mix

In the before photo Zoe doesn't look to happy with herself.  Yes!  She's smiling in the after photo.

Has your dog been walking into walls lately?  If so, then it's time for a haircut.


Cody the Havenese puppy... Before and After


Monty the puppy Airedale


Kerry the Poodle puppy... Before  and After



Maltese, Gidget...  Before and After


Yorkshire Terrier, Tulla..... Before and After

Alvin; Airedale puppy before and after, and with ears set.